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playMGM Sports Betting App

The much anticipated sports betting app from MGM Resorts has finally been released.

playMGM is now available for both Apple (iOS) and Android devices. This release marked the first sports wagering app that’s geared mainly to tourists. MGM Resorts has hotels and casinos from the south end of the Las Vegas Strip to the north end.

The playMGM app has been in the works for years and it arrived at a perfect time for the major chain of casinos. The process to set up a sports wagering account is relatively simple, but the staff didn’t seem prepared for the first customers as it took nearly an hour to set up accounts for early adopters. Expect this to normalize to the 10- to 15-minute process you see for other sportsbook apps.

MGM Resorts has some enormous properties that can make walking to the sportsbook to place wagers somewhat inconvenient. For example, the walk from the MGM Grand Signature Tower to the sportsbook can take 10 to 15 minutes.

This may be too much time for someone who wants to place a small wager on a game. This app will make placing wagers much more convenient for recreational gamblers.

Download on iOS or Android

App Screenshots

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playMGM software

playMGM is on a unique software platform. Some other apps may share software, but playMGM is the only sports wagering app created by IGT.

You may know this company more for its expansive video poker and slot machine offerings on the casino floor. IGT made sure that the software for playMGM was different than the competition. It succeeded in creating the most beautiful sports wagering app interface you’ll find today.

Opening and funding an account

You must initially fund the playMGM app in person at Aria, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, New York-New York, MGM, Monte Carlo, The Mirage, Excalibur and Circus Circus sportsbooks.

The initial deposit minimum is $100 and must be paid in cash. Future deposits can be made using the playMGM pre-paid card so you don’t have to visit the casino. The app has directions and links to a populated form using your existing account information.

You’ll need to have a valid photo ID (drivers license), an M Life players club card and account and you will need to provide your Social Security number in order to sign up. Setting up an account is similar to other sportsbook operators. Once all employees are familiar with the process this should only take 10-15 minutes.

There are no sign-up bonuses at this time.

Types of sports betting wagers

Straight, halftime, parlays, futures and prop wagers will be available.

Teasers are available for basketball and football. playMGM will allow you to wager on anything available in the MGM Resorts sportsbooks besides buying ½ Points, contests, and pari-mutuel racing (individual horse races).

The minimum wager with playMGM is just $2.

Using playMGM

Most of the sports wagering apps are similar, but since the IGT software is a different interface you’ll see different a different way to place the wagers.

For starters, playMGM will remember your account number (it’s the same as your M Life account minus the zeros at the beginning of the number), but you’ll have to remember your password, PIN and your birthday to sign in.

You won’t be able to see point spreads and odds from playMGM until you have an account and sign in with your credentials. Like all sports wagering apps, you must be located in Nevada to use the app.

You can use playMGM via cell signal or while on wifi. Possibly the most convenient feature of the app is that you can keep it connected to a charging device like a laptop or outlet.

This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but once you see the convenience, this will be a software feature you will want for all sports wagering apps. You’ll have to sign in every time you close the application. This is a minor inconvenience, but it’s nice to be able to flip back and forth between odds and research.

One of the unique features with playMGM happens when you win a wager. The app will send a text message you after your wager is won and the funds have been deposited into your account. This is a nice feature for those wagering on games that might be enjoying Las Vegas outside of the sportsbook.

Placing wagers

The minimum wager with playMGM is $2. You can discuss your personal maximum wager with the sportsbook supervisor who signs you up for the account. Different games and types of wagers often have different limits.

One thing of note is that playMGM does not have to take your wager and might actually recommend an alternate option if they don’t want to take your bet.

You don’t have to accept the re-offer and can try to place a different wager. Be very careful with this when finalizing your wagers. Double check to make sure you’re getting the odds or point spread that you want.

Every sportsbook has different house rules that detail how and when winning teams are decided. You can see them here.


All withdrawals must be made in person at any MGM Resorts sportsbook location.

You may withdraw any amount of money from the account that you choose. This is convenient for visitors who might want to keep a few dollars in an account to wager as soon as they reach Nevada.

Personal information and marketing

When you set up a playMGM account, you’re giving MGM Resorts the ability to use your personal information for marketing purposes. While the majority of marketing will be done in-house, some will involve partners.

Marketing is a strong point for MGM Resorts and the M Life Players Club, so if you opt out of any marketing, you might receive fewer offers.

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