Mohegan Sun Online Sportsbook Connecticut Review

Disclaimer: Mohegan Sun Online Sportsbook is not yet live in Connecticut. This review is speculative based on what we know so far and will be updated once Mohegan Sun comes online.

Three online sports betting apps are preparing to launch once sportsbooks become legal in the state of Connecticut, the Mohegan Sun Sportsbook among them. While the Mohegan Sun doesn’t have an online sportsbook available in any market just yet, it is one of the most recognizable names in gambling.

The company features land-based sportsbooks inside its properties in several states, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

In the near future, Mohegan Sun Sportsbook CT will launch and become available for online wagering. This review will cover everything bettors need to know about the online sportsbook in advance of it going live.

Mohegan Sun Sportsbook welcome offer

Most online sportsbooks launch with some type of welcome offer for new customers. Even though there aren’t any current Connecticut sportsbooks that Mohegan Sun will be competing with, there will be others launching when it does.

In order to attract bettors and new customers, the online sportsbook likely will provide at least one type of bonus or incentive. There are several common options, so it’s likely that Mohegan Sun provides at least one of the following:

Deposit match bonus

A bonus based around your first deposit at a sportsbook is one of the more common options. This offer gives you a credit match depending on the size of your first deposit.

Often, a sportsbook will provide a full 100% match, up to a certain amount. So if the book said it would match you completely up to $500, a $500 deposit would result in $1,000 to use in your account.

Of course, how much the sportsbook matches varies, but since Mohegan Sun is launching with other sportsbooks, it might lean toward a larger number.

Insured wager

A similar form of bonus when joining an online sportsbook is an insured opening bet. As opposed to matching your first deposit, the sportsbook will instead refund your first bet if it loses.

Similar to a deposit bonus, a sportsbook will set a limit on how much it will match your initial wager. So if it gives you an insured bet up to $500, the book will credit your account with however much you put down on your first wager, up to $500. If you happen to win your bet, then you just collect your winnings as normal.

Both an insured bet and deposit match are solid options because you can control exactly how much you can get back. Bettors should expect to potentially find one of these offers at Mohegan Sun, but not both.

Bonus bet

Another standard bonus that sportsbooks utilize for new players is a bonus bet. Customers typically receive this for signing up at the sportsbook, before making a deposit. This is helpful because it allows you to get a sense and a feel for the sportsbook prior to committing any of your funds.

While the amount of money for these bonuses is usually much smaller compared to other welcome offers, the benefit is that you don’t have to commit any of your own funds. Bonus money usually gets bettors’ attention, or at least gets them downloading the app to check it out.

Terms and conditions apply to all offers. Please see Mohegan Sun Sportsbook for details. 21+ Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER+

Signing up at Mohegan Sun Sportsbook CT

Creating an account with Mohegan Sun CT will likely be easy and only take a few minutes to complete. As with all online sports betting apps, you will need to enter some standard personal details. This will probably include the following:

New customers will need to create a username and password for when they log into the sportsbook. Mohegan might also ask you to choose from a few security questions. Once you’ve completed those steps, the only other requirement is to agree to Mohegan’s sports betting conditions, along with confirming your age.

The minimum age for casino betting in Connecticut is 21, with pari-mutuel wagering’s minimum at 18. Since the majority of states use 21 as their minimum age, it’s probable that CT implements the same.

Betting requirements at Mohegan Sun online sports betting

If you’re of age, the only other restriction is where you are when you use the online sportsbook. Mohegan Sun will use some type of geolocation technology to determine your location. You must be physically in Connecticut to wager.

If Mohegan Sun Sportsbook launches in other parts of the country, then residents in those states can wager from inside their state lines too.

There are certain people who work within sports who cannot download and bet at online sportsbooks. This includes those with jobs such as players, coaches, trainers, and refs. Other key casino employees are not eligible to use online sportsbooks, either.

Downloading the Mohegan Sun Sportsbook app

Just like signing up, downloading the Mohegan Sun app should be easy. More than likely, Mohegan Sun CT will be available for both Apple and Android devices. The sportsbook is looking to appeal to as many people as possible, so convenient access is crucial.

To download the app, Mohegan should have links for both operating systems on its sportsbook website. All you’ll need to do is click the appropriate one and follow the instructions from there.

It will be interesting to see if the sportsbook also will be available for browser-based betting. Many legal sportsbooks allow you to wager through your computer or mobile browser as well as the app. At the moment, Mohegan Sun has a free online sportsbook and casino available called Mohegan Sun Beyond. This free-to-play site works via desktop browser along with an app.

Since Mohegan already has both platforms covered with its free online sportsbook, it seems possible its real money book will have both options.


A big part of online sports betting are the promotions sportsbooks provide for their customers. Besides the welcome offers when you sign up, most sportsbooks have other deals in place.

These typically depend on the time of year and which sports are taking place. Sportsbooks generally will display a variety of promos, with better ones having something for a variety of sports.

The types of deals vary, too, with some giving bonus credit for reaching a certain threshold, or others boosting your winnings on a parlay. Another popular promotion insures certain bets and will refund you even if you lose.

Promos are beneficial to books because they attract attention and wagers. Mohegan could also feature some forms of bonus games. Some sportsbooks have free-to-play pools where you can win cash prizes for competing in contests.

We’ll know exactly what the sportsbook has in store in terms of promos when it officially launches soon.

Banking at Mohegan Sun online sportsbook

The Connecticut sportsbook will likely look to be as convenient as possible, which usually means providing several ways to conduct financial transactions. Most online sportsbooks give you a few methods to both deposit and withdraw from your account. Mohegan Sun Sportsbook customers should expect to find some of the following banking options:

While the online sportsbook probably won’t have all of these methods in place, it should include at least a few of them.

You will be able to withdraw you funds in most of the same ways you have to deposit. Some sportsbooks allow you to receive a check in the mail, too. It’s also possible that the land-based Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville will be available to make in-person transactions.

Betting options

Giving bettors more than enough ways to place bets is one of the most important aspects of any sportsbook. The bets you can place at Mohegan Sun almost certainly will include the following:

Although we won’t know exactly how Mohegan Sun will look until it’s available, it won’t be surprising to find all of these options. The current free sportsbook, Mohegan Sun Beyond, features the majority of them already.

Live betting

Live betting is one aspect that isn’t included in the free sportsbook, but it will almost certainly be in the legal sportsbook once it launches. This type of in-game betting is increasingly popular, allowing people to wager along with the game.

Instead of needing to put action down prior to a game starting, you’re now able to wager at basically any point in the action. The online sportsbook will update the odds based on the current score, time remaining and other particulars.

Now that this is available at most online sportsbooks, bettors can wait as opposed to wagering on the pregame lines, if they want. You can see how the game is playing out before committing to your bet. The odds for a game can change drastically as well.

The best online platforms provide lots of live wagers to choose from. Outside of the common bets like moneylines, spreads and totals, the options also include game, team and player props. In order to compete, Mohegan Sun CT likely will aim for a quality live offering when it launches.

Sports you can bet on

Along with providing bettors lots of ways to wager, Mohegan will need to feature all of the key markets. It likely will feature a variety of top sports, including a good portion of the following:

Even though some state laws prohibit some wagers, such as on in-state college teams, CT residents will probably be able to wager on the majority of the sports.

Is Mohegan Sun Sportsbook legal?

Mohegan Sun Sportsbook Connecticut isn’t legal just yet, but it will be soon. Once sports betting in Connecticut officially becomes available, online sportsbooks can go live in the market. We expect Mohegan Sun to launch shortly after it’s able to in CT.

Once it becomes available there, it’s quite possible that the online sportsbook continues to expand into other parts of the US. Since the Mohegan Sun brand is already set up in other states, it would be an easy transition to launch there, too.

Legal sports betting keeps growing within the US. The following locations all have legal sports betting in place right now, either online, in person or both:

Several others are also almost ready to introduce it. These states are approaching legal sports betting markets and could debut sometime soon:

After it becomes established in Connecticut, expect Mohegan Sun Sportsbook to pop up in additional states in the future.