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Sports betting framework

Why You Won’t Be Seeing A Federal Framework For US Sports Betting Soon

[toc]Former NBA Commissioner David Stern has come out as a vocal proponent of legal sports betting in the US, including an appearance at the casino industry’s Global Gaming Expo last week. What Stern said on sports betting There, he reiterated his previous calls for legalizing and regulating sports betting, which are in line with the attitude […] Read More
Posted on: October 7, 2016 | Opinion Regulation Sports Betting | Dustin Gouker
France sports betting taxes

French Taxes Make It Tough For Sports Betting Operators To Make A Profit, Even Though The Market Is Booming

The French regulator ARJEL released its annual report for 2015/2016 last week. Online sports betting is on a relentless rise, but even so, French taxes make it extremely difficult to make a profit. A pdf file of the report in French can be found here. In 2015, ARJEL reported that sports betting wagers rose by […] Read More
Posted on: October 7, 2016 | Regulation Sports Betting | Joss Wood
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