Betsson Sportsbook Review

Disclaimer: Betsson Sportsbook is not currently available in Colorado.  This review will be updated after the site’s CO launch.

Another new online sports betting platform is set to launch in the Colorado market. Betsson Sportsbook will make its US debut sometime in the near future. The new sports betting provider is owned by the Swedish company the Betsson Group.

Betsson and the Dostal Alley Casino agreed to a 10-year market access partnership to launch its first US sportsbook in June. The mobile platform is expected to go live in the first part of 2021.

Betsson will join several other online sports betting apps already offered in Colorado. Sports wagering became legal in the state on May 1, 2020. The Dostal Alley Casino, located in Central City, doesn’t feature a sportsbook at this time.

Once Betsson launches in CO, it wouldn’t be surprising for the operator to expand elsewhere into additional states. Betsson is already one of the biggest online betting operators in Europe. The company generates around $550 million in yearly revenue.

Since online betting in the US continues to grow in popularity, Betsson will more than likely keep developing its American presence in other places. Online sports betting is available in many states around the country and is becoming legal in lots of others as well.

Betsson sportsbook promotions

Like most online sportsbooks, Betsson is more than likely to debut in the US prepared with promotions. Beyond the deals it might include within its welcome offer, the online sportsbook will probably provide a variety of promos.

Many of the best American sportsbooks give customers deals regularly, usually based on the sports occurring at that time. These could consist of weekly deals for an entire sport, or specific odds boosts for certain games.

Right now, Betsson’s European book has promos in place for a bunch of US sports. Bettors overseas can take advantage of deals for the NBA, NHL, soccer and more.

There’s no reason to believe Betsson’s Colorado sportsbook will be any different. Promos are a common way to attract more attention to your online sportsbook. Depending on what sporting events are taking place at the time Betsson goes live in the US, expect to see several promotions around these markets available.

Betsson welcome offer

Betsson is likely to provide its customers with some form of welcome offer for joining the online sportsbook. Since it’s joining the Colorado market, which already features several mobile options, it’s possible Betsson’s offer could be better than most.

The majority of online sports betting operators usually have some type of bonus in place to persuade customers to join their book. The most popular offers typically include one of the following:

Deposit-match bonus

A deposit-match bonus is one of the most commonly found welcome offers in the industry. After you create an account with the sportsbook, the operator will match your initial deposit up to a certain amount.

Of course, it depends on the sportsbook. Matching deposit bonuses up to $500, for instance, are available at some sportsbooks. This means that if you make a $500 deposit with the online sportsbook, you’ll be provided an additional $500 in credit. Most operators have rules in place regarding how you must use the bonus before being able to cash it out.

Betsson bonus bet

Another popular form of welcome bonus is an insured bet. Once you’ve joined the online sportsbook, your first wager would be insured.

Similar to the deposit match, you can take advantage of the offer for as much as the sportsbook is willing to provide. If it has an insured wager up to $500, then you can bet that amount knowing that you won’t lose, but you will just get a bonus bet back, not cash.

This bonus credit would only be applied to your account if you lose your initial bet with the sportsbook. If you win that first wager, you will only receive your winnings.

Until Betsson releases into the CO market, we won’t know exactly what it’s planning in terms of a welcome bonus. An insured bet could help attract customers in a state with several online options.

Bonus credit

Betsson could also give new customers a simpler bonus of bonus credit. This is sometimes offered along with one of the other mentioned bonuses.

The best part about a bonus credit giveaway is the fact that most sportsbooks don’t require you to even make a deposit. By just making an account, you’ll be eligible to receive the bonus credit bonus to use how you please.

Bonus credits are typically around $10 or $20.

This bonus is a way for a lesser-known operator to make a name for itself. Since many American bettors might not recognize the brand Betsson, this could be a useful marketing tool for the sportsbook.

Although bonus credit is never as much as some other bonuses, it can be a great deal. Bettors can use real money and place bets on the sportsbook prior to actually committing any of their own money to it.

Terms and conditions apply to all offers. Please see Betsson Sportsbook for details. 21+ Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER+

Betsson is now a legal online sportsbook in the state of Colorado; however, the operator is not live yet in the US. At the moment, the Swedish bookmaker only supplies parts of Europe with online sports wagering.

This will change soon, though. Betsson is expected to launch in the American market in Colorado in early 2021. After it solidifies itself in Colorado, it would be surprising if the online sportsbook didn’t venture into other states too.

Creating a new account at Betsson sportsbook

Once Betsson releases into the Colorado market, it should be an easy process to create a new account. As with most online sportsbooks, you’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself. This usually includes:

New customers will need to create a username and password to use each time to access the book. Betsson might also make you input a few security questions.

After you agree with the terms of the sportsbook, you’ll just need to confirm you are of legal age. While age minimums do vary in parts of the US, you must be at least 21 in most states, including Colorado.

Registration eligibility at Betsson sports betting

There are qualifications to use Betsson other than being 21 years old. The main requirement is that you’re inside the state where the online sportsbook is offered. Since Betsson will initially go live in Colorado, you must be physically located within its state borders when trying to bet, although you do not need to live there to wager.

It’s probably likely that Betsson might expand into other states across the US, as well. Once it launches in additional states, then residents or visitors can also wager there.

While the age minimum in Colorado is 21, there are some states where you only have to be 18. In those places, bettors who are 18 will be able to use Betsson when it releases there.

Some individuals are not permitted to use Betsson. If you have a job that can directly affect the outcome of a sporting event, then you cannot use the online sportsbook. This includes people like players, coaches, trainers and referees. Others like casino key employees are not allowed to bet with Betsson, either.

Download the Betsson app

Although there isn’t a betting app available for Betsson in the US yet, we can all but guarantee that there will be one when it launches. The online sportsbook’s partnership with the Dostal Alley Casino is for online sports betting. This means Colorado bettors will most likely have the option of downloading the app to their favorite device, or accessing the sportsbook through a web browser.

Most popular online sportsbooks in the US offer both options.

In order to appeal to as many bettors as possible, Betsson’s app will probably be available through Android and iOS. Of course, we won’t know this for sure until the online sportsbook is officially offered within the US. Since Colorado already features several online platforms in its market, it would be surprising if Betsson limited its sportsbook to one operating system.

Apple users will be able to download the mobile app right from the App Store, whereas those with an Android must download Betsson from its website.

Depositing and withdrawing at Betsson

Another way Betsson can cater to all of its new customers in the US is by making banking with the sportsbook as convenient as possible. Most online sportsbooks in the US provide users more than enough ways to transfer funds to and from their account.

Betsson already does this for its European bettors. Its current sportsbook features multiple ways to deposit and withdraw money. Bettors in Colorado should expect to see a similar number of options. Some of the most popular banking methods for online sportsbooks include the following:

You should have access to at least a few of these when transferring money with Betsson. You’ll be able to withdraw money in many of the same ways. Some online sportsbooks even allow you to receive winnings with a check sent by mail.

What kind of bets can you make at Betsson?

Betsson will also come equipped with plenty of betting options. Most successful sportsbooks in the US provide bettors lots of ways to put action down on a game.

Betsson’s European product has many betting types, and its Colorado sportsbook should be very similar. Those who sign up for Betsson should expect to find the following ways to wager:

By having a wide variety of betting types, customers of all experience levels can find something that works for them.

Another useful tool Betsson gives its customers in Europe is the ability to cash out early. Cashing out can be advantageous for a bettor. You can end a bet early to guarantee yourself some winnings, or on the other hand, to limit your losses. This option isn’t available for every market or game, but it is for many.

With this in place on Betsson’s current sportsbook, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be available with the US version.

Betsson live betting

An additional function Betsson must transition over to its Colorado sportsbook is the ability to live bet. Live in-game wagering is one of the most popular ways to bet on sports through mobile devices. Since online sportsbooks allow you to wager anywhere within seconds while on the go, live betting is continuing to expand.

With live wagers, you don’t need to get your bet in before the start of the match anymore. Instead, you’re able to wager basically at any point in the game. Some bettors actually prefer to only live bet. Instead of committing your money up front, you’re able to see how a game is actually going first.

Online sportsbooks will provide updated odds for every live market that’s offered based on the play occurring in real time. If the favorite starts out poorly and falls behind, its odds will become much more favorable through a live line.

Live markets are typically expansive at the best online sports betting platforms.

Outside of just the standard odds like moneyline, point spread and totals, live betting options can feature a lot more. Alternate lines for each of the commonly offered odds, along with game and player props are often available.

With Betsson already having experience with live betting, the online sportsbook should hit the ground running in this category when it launches in CO.

What sports can you bet at Betsson sportsbook?

Betsson should also give customers a wide selection of betting markets to pick between.

Its current European sportsbook has plenty of popular markets, including every major US sport. American bettors who download the betting app should see odds on the majority of the following sports:

Betsson sportsbook states

Online sports wagering is extremely popular in the US now, and it only continues to grow. Currently, the following states have legal, regulated sports betting industries in place:

Several other states are almost on this list. The following have legalized sports betting and should go live sometime in 2020:

It’s possible that Betsson expands its online sportsbook into these markets sooner than later.