Betsafe Sportsbook – App Review & Welcome Bonus

One of the latest overseas sportsbooks angling to get a piece of the ever-expanding US legal betting market is Betsafe, which is currently operational in Colorado.

While Betsafe is making itself at home in the Centennial State, it isn’t quite native to Colorado. In fact, Betsafe comes to us from an altogether different land of peaks and pines: Sweden. Betsafe’s owner, the Betsson Group, is also responsible for several other online gambling sites and apps, including InkaBet and NordicBet. It’s been doing this since the 1960s, when it opened its first casinos and slot machines in Scandinavia. Since then, it’s grown to include Malta and the United Kingdom, and, more recently, Canada.

Betsafe Colorado marks the Betsson group’s first foray into the US. However, it’s unlikely that this will be the only state in which it attempts to set up shop. For now, though, its operations in CO can give us some insight into how it might operate elsewhere.

Betsafe Sportsbook promo 2023

As of March 20, 2023, Betsafe Sportsbook does not have a welcome bonus. When Betsafe resumes having a welcome bonus we’ll break it down for you on this page.

Betsafe Bonus CodeNone needed
Welcome BonusNone
Last UpdatedMarch 20, 2023

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Signing up at Betsafe online sportsbook

Signing up for an account at Betsafe is should only take a handful of minutes. To start, head to the Betsafe site, download the app and click on the login or create account button, which should bring you to the registration page. Once you’re on the registration page, you’ll have to fill in your personal information:

You’ll need to verify your email address, and you might have the option to add other verification methods, like two-factor authentication or security questions. Once you complete this process, you’ll have an account, and you’ll then be able to add a payment method through which you can make your first deposit and and start betting.

Registration eligibility at Betsafe online betting

First of all, you’ll have to be 21 or older to register at Betsafe in Colorado. The sportsbook will verify this information and you could get your account banned or suspended for attempting to circumvent it.

There are also location requirements that you must meet to be able to place any bets at Betsafe — you must be located in the state of Colorado. You don’t necessarily have to be a resident of Colorado, but to place any bets, you must be within state lines. To verify this, you’ll have to have geolocation enabled on your phone and switched on for the Betsafe app.

As Betsafe expands its operations, the list of states that you can play from will grow. But for now, you must be in Colorado.

Beyond that, Betsafe will also enforce some more specific exclusions, which are less likely to be relevant to you. As is pretty typical, professional sports personnel — like players, coaches, managers, trainers, and referees — along with certain casino employees, cannot bet.

Downloading the Betsafe Sportsbook app

You cannot wager at Betsafe from your laptop computer. However, the app is free and easy to download, and it’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Right now, the app has a fairly limited number of downloads, and even fewer ratings. That means that the app rating skews lower, since unhappy customers are more likely to leave ratings. Still, the Betsafe app is sitting at an unsettling 1.5/5 stars on the App Store, so it would be good to see that rating move upward.

To download the app, follow a link from this page to the site or app download page. If that isn’t displaying the app, you can search “Betsafe Casino & Betting” on your app store of choice. The icon you’re looking for has a red logo — a star-shaped person — on a black background. Click “get” or “install” to download the app.

Once the app has finished downloading and displays on your home screen, you can open it up and log in (or create an account, if you haven’t yet.


Right now, Betsafe Colorado has a handful of daily odds boosts, but that’s the only promotions you’ll find at this time at the Colorado online sportsbook. In the future, though, there could be more. Due to some logistical and legal headaches, Betsafe’s launch in Colorado only took place in 2022, so it’s still in the process of getting fully set up. Once it’s more established and has built a more substantial customer base, we expect to see more regular promotions.

As far as what kind of regular promotions there might be, that’s harder to say. You could end up seeing a combination of boosted odds, profit boosts, parlay insurance, and bonus bets. Betsafe could potentially tie these to specific sporting events, like the Super Bowl.

Payment options at Betsafe Sportsbook

Betsafe Colorado is more limited than we’d like at the moment when it comes to deposit and withdrawal methods. This shouldn’t be a dealbreaker since we expect you’ll still be able to find at least one payment method that you can use, but it’s not the most convenient. However, this is also likely to improve with time as Betsafe expands and refines its US operations.

Right now, here’s what you can use for depositing and withdrawing:

As far as depositing or withdrawing in-person, ​​Dostal Alley Casino is in Central City, so if you’re in Central City or nearby, that could be a viable option.

Sports betting options

Betsafe offers all the standard bets on an extensive slate of sports and leagues. Here’s a quick list of the main options:

Live betting

Live betting — which you might also see as “in-play betting” — is a form of wagering that takes place during the game. Live betting allows you to bet in the thick of the action, on “live odds” that fluctuate and respond to whatever is happening in the game.

Live betting goes especially well with betting via app when done responsibly. The reason live betting goes hand-in-hand with mobile betting is that you can be watching a game from anywhere — a bar, the stadium, the subway, someone’s house and so on — and still place wagers, as long as you’ve got a steady internet connection.

What you can bet on at Betsafe Sportsbook

Betsafe has a good number of sports for betting, and this could only get longer as the online book expands, but here’s what it has so far:

Is Betsafe legal?

Yes, Betsafe Sportsbook is a licensed and legal online sportsbook. Specifically, it’s operating in Colorado under a license from the state’s Division of Revenue, Department of Gaming. That means, however, that if you’re not located in Colorado at the moment, there’s currently no way for you to bet legally with Betsafe in the US. You don’t have to be a full-time resident in the state, but you do have to be within its borders to place any bets.

We don’t think that Betsafe will only be in Colorado for too long, though. Its owner has been steadily expanding operations from Sweden outward for years, and it seems clear that Colorado is just a base of operations out of which Betsafe can grow its American presence.

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