Aliante Casino Sports Mobile App

Aliante Casino is located on the northern outskirts of North Las Vegas.

The information below is for archival purposes. Aliante Casino no longer offers an independent sports betting app. Boyd Gaming acquired the property in 2016. Aliante Casino now uses Boyd Gaming’s BConnected sports app.

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It is in the planned community of Aliante, which was devastated during the Great Recession in Las Vegas in the late 2000’s. That left the neighborhood isolated and unfinished.

The resort was built by Station Casinos in 2008. The company lost the property in its 2009 bankruptcy. The creditors walked away with Aliante Station, renamed Aliante Casino, in September 2011.

Aliante Casino is not a convenient property for most Las Vegas residents. It is at the far northern point of the Las Vegas Valley. There is not a direct route to get there from the central point.

This means Aliante Casino’s sports book must try harder to attract players. Aliante Casino’s parlay and teasers have higher returns that most other Las Vegas sports books.

The edge on its futures pricing is also better. Aliante Casino offers -104 odds on baseball. This is the best price in all of Nevada sports betting.

The Miomni platform is used by Aliante Casino sports app. It is available in Android and iOS. The same app is used by Boyd Gaming, Wynn and Westgate. Each has independent lines and payment processing.

Types of sports bets accepted by the Aliante Casino app

Aliante Casino offers an average level of action on its app. Every wager available at the sports book is also on the app.

This includes straight bets, parlays, teasers, props, futures and wins totals. Football, baseball, hockey, basketball, boxing, golf, tennis, auto racing and mixed martial arts are among the types of sports offered.

Aliante Casino mobile sports app deposit bonus

Aliante Casino does not offer players a first deposit bonus or any other promotions.

Aliante Casino mobile sports app deposit options

Aliante Casino only offers one way to fund a mobile betting account. That is by cash at its sports book in North Las Vegas. The minimum deposit amount is $50.

Aliante Casino mobile sports app withdrawal options

The only way to withdraw from the Aliante Casino mobile sports betting app is to return to the sports book on the property. A valid photo ID is required.

Land-based casinos related to the Aliante sports app

The only casino related to the Aliante sports app is Aliante Casino. While it uses the same software as several other Nevada books, it has no other affiliation.

Advantages Aliante Casino sports betting app has over competitors

The odds on parlays and teasers are better at Aliante Casino than any other mobile sports book in Nevada.

Its eight-cent baseball lines are the best MLB deal in the state. Serious baseball bettors should make the trip to Aliante Casino for this app. Aliante is an independent sports book with unique odds not available at other joints.

Line shoppers will want to add it to their list of mobile apps.

The $50 minimum deposit ties Aliante Casino’s mobile app for the lowest in the state. All bets available in the Aliante sports book are spread on the app. This includes parlay and teaser cards. Its futures and win lines are also on the app.

The Aliante Casino app may be viewed by players without an account or balance. Most sites require an account to be opened before viewing the lines and games offered. This makes it easier to line shop before deciding whether depositing for the app fits your needs.

Disadvantages Aliante Casino sports app has over competitors

Aliante Casino has just one location. It is located in North Las Vegas.

It is on the outskirts as far away from the central point of Las Vegas as one can get and still be in the valley. This makes it inconvenient for most sports bettors. It is about 30 minutes from the Strip and most populated parts of the Las Vegas Valley.

Cash is the only deposit option. Players must drive to Aliante Casino for a deposit and return for a withdrawal. Players outside of Las Vegas have no way to deposit or withdraw from an account there.

The Miomni app has an annoying bug. It will not operate if the wireless option is turned on for the device with the app installed.

This means that a device must have access to a cell tower to operate the app. Tablets without data plans will not work with the Aliante Casino app. Most other apps do not have this requirement.