Is This The Chris Moneymaker of Daily Fantasy Sports?

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Scott Hanson Wins $2mm on FanDuel

Chris Moneymaker’s impact on the growth of the online poker industry is the stuff of legend.

So much so that The Moneymaker Effect is a thing, replete with its own Wikipedia entry and book.

Moneymaker, of course, parlayed a small buy-in satellite on PokerStars into a seat at the 2003 World Series of Poker, and that seat into a championship that secured his place in poker history.

Many credit Moneymaker’s narrative with sparking an American resurgence of interest in poker, which in turn fueled the global online poker boom.

The name didn’t hurt.

So could Scott Hanson be the Chris Moneymaker of one-day fantasy sports?

Hanson won what FanDuel is billing as the “biggest payout in the history of fantasy sports.”

He turned $35 into $2mm. By comparison, Moneymaker turned $39 or $86 (depending on which source you check) into $2.5mm.

And FanDuel has a backup Moneymaker handy if Hanson doesn’t prove to be the ticket: