15+ Ways To Bet On The San Francisco 49ers In Super Bowl 58

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Along with the Super Bowl each year comes a vast array of betting odds and options. For those looking for ways to bet on the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 58, there are many possibilities beyond the usual categories.

Below, we’ll look at all the ways you can bet on the 49ers in this year’s Super Bowl, from the conventional to the creative. You can also take a closer look at Super Bowl odds, along with the many weird Super Bowl bets available for the big game.

49ers Super Bowl 58 odds

Different ways to bet on the San Francisco 49ers


Point spread bets are wagers on the margin of victory of a game. The 49ers are the favorite in Super Bowl 58, with a point spread of -1.5. This means that a point spread bet on the 49ers would only cash if the team wins by two points or more. As always with sports betting odds, the negative number indicates a favorite, and a positive number indicates an underdog bet. The 49ers are 9-10 against the spread this season, meaning they hit or exceeded the spread 47.4% of the time.

There are more ways to bet the point spread than just going by the final score. You can also bet the 49ers point spread for the first half of the game () and the second half (). You can also bet the spread by the first quarter (), second quarter (), third quarter (), and fourth quarter ().


A moneyline bet is a straightforward wager on the winner of the game. This type of bet doesn’t depend on the margin of victory. All that matters is your team winning the game. The odds on a moneyline bet are what determine the payout. Again, a negative odds number indicates a favorite, meaning the profit if that team wins would be lower than the amount of the stake. A positive number indicates an underdog, so the profit would be greater than the wager amount.

For Super Bowl 58, the 49ers are favorites at -120 on the moneyline. This means a bet of $120 would carry a potential profit of $100, plus the return of your original stake, for a total of $220. As with point spreads, you can also bet the moneyline for the first half of the game () and the second half (), predicting which team will be winning the game at that point. You can also bet the moneyline by the first quarter (), second quarter (), third quarter (), and fourth quarter ().


The total refers to a bet on the combined score of a game. Another name for this bet is the over/under, since it involves sportsbooks setting a point total for the game and bettors wagering on whether the actual total score by both teams will be under that mark or over it. For Super Bowl 58, the total line is 47.5 points. You don’t have to correctly guess each team’s score to win a total bet. All you have to do is correctly predict whether the sum total of both team’s points will add up to over or under the line. This season, the 49ers have been over the total 57.9% of the time.

You can also bet on over/unders for the first half of the game () and the second half (), along with the first quarter (), second quarter (), third quarter (), and fourth quarter ().

Player props

Any type of prop bet (short for proposition bet) is a wager on a specific thing to happen during the game. Player props involve wagering on whether individual players will hit certain statistical markers. For instance, you could bet on how many passing touchdowns Brock Purdy will have in the Super Bowl (). If you’re expecting a run-heavy performance from the 49ers, you could bet on Christian McCaffrey to score two or more touchdowns (). You could also use player props to bet on when something will happen in a game, such as betting on Brandon Aiyuk to score the game’s first touchdown ().

You can also use player props to bet on things like Super Bowl MVP. In that category, Purdy () is the favorite on the 49ers, based mostly on how often the award goes to a quarterback. But you can also get longer odds on other position players like McCaffrey () or Deebo Samuel ().


A parlay is a type of bet that involves grouping more than one wager together. The benefit of this is that it drives up the odds with each new bet that you add to the parlay, resulting in a higher potential payout. The downside is that the parlay only cashes if every bet in the parlay is correct. If even one part fails, the entire parlay fails.

During the regular season, bettors can create parlays using wagers from multiple games. For Super Bowl parlays, you’ll need a sportsbook that allows same-game parlays. For instance, you could bet on the 49ers to cover the spread and parlay it with a bet on George Kittle to score a touchdown (). If you’re expecting a pass-heavy approach from San Francisco, you could parlay a bet on Purdy’s pass attempts with bets on receiving yards for Aiyuk and Samuel .

Team props

The team prop options give you a chance to bet on statistical markers that the 49ers may hit during the game, but without tying it to any one player. For example, you can bet the over/under on the number of touchdowns that the 49ers will score during the game. You could also get more specific and bet on whether the team will have more than 2.5 passing touchdowns or more than 1.5 rushing touchdowns. That way, it doesn’t matter which San Francisco player hits the mark, as long as the team as a whole reaches it.

Also available in the team prop category are options such as fourth-down conversions, field goals, and more.

Game props

Game props are bets on specific things to happen in the game at some point. These are not tied to any specific team or player. In order to cash one of these, all you need to do is correctly predict the specific occurrence within the game, without having to guess which player or team performs that action. Examples of game props would be betting on either team to score on a safety or a two-point conversion. You could also bet on whether there will be a punt returned for a touchdown or whether a field goal attempt will bounce off the uprights.

Novelty props

Novelty bets are a popular addition to each year’s Super Bowl wagering options. These are bets that aren’t typically available for the rest of the season, and many of them require no football knowledge. For example, many sportsbooks offer odds on the opening coin flip or the length of the national anthem. You can also bet on what color Gatorade the winning team will dump on its coach or whether the final score of the game will result in a “scorigami.” These wagers are often popular with people who want to get in on the Super Bowl betting action without having to rely on extensive knowledge of the game or the teams.

Best 49ers Super Bowl betting sites

There are many top Super Bowl sportsbooks to choose from when considering Super Bowl odds. Ahead of the big game, many such books will be offering welcome bonuses to entice new users. Some of the most popular sites for Super Bowl betting include BetMGM (currently offering new users up to $1,500 with bonus code PLAYLSR), FanDuel (offering $200 in bonus bets with a first bet of $5 or more), and bet365 (new users who sign up with the promo code LSRVA get a choice between two welcome bonuses).

Clicking one of the above links will take you to that sportsbook’s homepage to sign up for an account. From there, enter a promo code if applicable, fill in the necessary personal information, and select a deposit method to get started. You may need to enable geolocation to confirm your eligibility at a sportsbook, as legal online betting is only available in certain states and only to users of legal gambling age in those states.

If you plan on making a bet for the Super Bowl, it’s best to sign up ahead of time so your account will be active and enabled in time for the game. Be sure to read the terms and conditions for any promotions, as most have expiration dates and restrictions.