Super Bowl 59: Can Chiefs Complete The Three-Peat?

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It was a heartbreaking end to the season for the Detroit Lions. The club held a big halftime lead over the San Francisco 49ers at the NFC title game and appeared to be on the way to its first Super Bowl. A massive San Francisco comeback later, and Detroit was left scratching its head over what happened while once again looking ahead to next season.    

While the odds at Super Bowl betting sites are focused on Chiefs vs. 49ers, it’s never too early to consider what might happen next season. DraftKings Sportsbook has released Super Bowl 59 betting odds. What are the Lions’ chances of finally breaking through in 2025? Let’s take a look. 

Super Bowl 59 opening odds 

The table below has the opening Super Bowl 59 odds from DraftKings Sportsbook for all 32 teams, along with how the lines translate into each team’s implied probability of winning.

TeamSuper Bowl 59 oddsImplied probability*
San Francisco 49ers+55012.07%
Kansas City Chiefs+7509.23%
Baltimore Ravens+9007.85%
Buffalo Bills+9507.47%
Detroit Lions+12006.04%
Cincinnati Bengals+12006.04%
Miami Dolphins+15004.90%
Houston Texans+20003.74%
Green Bay Packers+20003.74%
Dallas Cowboys+20003.74%
Philadelphia Eagles+22003.41%
New York Jets+22003.41%
Los Angeles Chargers+25003.02%
Atlanta Falcons+30002.53%
Jacksonville Jaguars+30002.53%
Chicago Bears+30002.53%
Los Angeles Rams+35002.18%
Cleveland Browns+35002.18%
Indianapolis Colts+40001.91%
Minnesota Vikings+50001.54%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+60001.29%
Pittsburgh Steelers+75001.03%
Seattle Seahawks+80000.97%
Arizona Cardinals+80000.97%
New Orleans Saints+80000.97%
Washington Commanders+100000.78%
New York Giants+100000.78%
New England Patriots+100000.78%
Las Vegas Raiders+100000.78%
Denver Broncos+100000.78%
Tennessee Titans+150000.52%
Carolina Panthers+250000.31%

*Our implied probability calculation uses the sportsbook’s odds minus the vigorish charged by that sportsbook. An average online gambling calculator will provide you with the implied probability based on just the betting odds. By going a step further and accounting for the vig, we find a true implied probability in relation to the sportsbook’s odds.

Detroit Lions odds to win Super Bowl 59

The Lions’ Super Bowl 59 odds are +1200, which is tied for fifth with the Bengals, behind only the 49ers, Chiefs, Ravens, and Bills. It’s a small consolation following the devastating end to the season, but the arrow still appears to be heading up in Detroit. 

Heading into the 2023-24 NFL season, the club’s preseason Super Bowl odds were hovering around +3000, which was just outside the top 10 at many online sportsbooks. Detroit also was the favorite to win the NFC North in division odds. The Lions hit the mark in several ways, closing the regular season with a record of 12-5, winning the division, and taking the NFC’s third seed.

Detroit advanced through the first two rounds of the playoffs with wins over the Lions and Rams, setting the stage for a road date with the 49ers. While they walked onto the field as 7.5-point underdogs, they certainly didn’t play that way while roaring out to a 24-7 halftime lead. San Francisco crushed the Lions after the break, however, en route to a 34-31 victory.

Super Bowl 59 betting favorites

Here are the teams with odds of +1200 or less at the initial release of Super Bowl 59 betting odds

The 49ers and Chiefs are preparing to square off at Super Bowl 58. If San Francisco wins, it’ll be on the hunt for back-to-back titles next season. Meanwhile, a Kansas City victory would place the team in the dynasty conversation as it would be gunning for an unprecedented third straight Super Bowl title and its fourth in six seasons. 

Right behind the two favorites are the Ravens, who fell short in the AFC title game with a home loss to the Chiefs. The Bills, meanwhile, have been near the top of the preseason Super Bowl odds chart for several years running. The team’s hopes ended this season with a home loss to Kansas City in the divisional round. 

After the 49ers, the Lions are the next NFC squad on the board. In the sixth spot are the Bengals, the first non-playoff team from this season. Cincinnati suffered a massive blow when Joe Burrow went down to a season-ending injury but managed to regroup and stay in postseason contention while finishing at 9-8. 

Odds for the rest of the 2025 Super Bowl field  

Holding down the seventh spot are the Dolphins, who made it to the playoffs before losing on the road to the Chiefs in the opening round. Next up, we find a group of six teams in striking distance of the leaders with odds ranging from +2000 to +2500: the Texans, Packers, Cowboys, Eagles, Jets, and Chargers. 

Houston, Green Bay, Dallas, and Philadelphia all made the playoffs and appear likely to be in the hunt once again. New York entered last season with high hopes, but Aaron Rodgers suffered a season-ending injury in the team’s first game. Over in Los Angeles, the Chargers have some renewed enthusiasm due to the recent hiring of Jim Harbaugh as their head coach.      

The remainder of the board falls into two categories. There are 12 teams with odds ranging from +3000 to +8000. The clubs in this group appear to be at least potential postseason contenders. Behind them are the 2025 Super Bowl long shots, a group that consists of seven clubs with odds ranging from +10000 to +25000.

NFL playoff picture for 2024-25

Future odds on teams to make it to the 2024-25 NFL playoffs will come out over the offseason. However, we can use the early 2025 Super Bowl odds as a sneak peek into which teams sportsbooks view as having the best chance of making it in both conferences. 

On the NFC side, the top five favorites reached the playoffs this past season. Based on the latest odds, the potential new additions to the field would be the Falcons and Bears, taking the place of two wild card squads, the Saints and Rams. Over in the AFC, it’s a similar story, with five of the seven favorites coming off postseason appearances. The two new teams in the mix are the Bengals and Jets, who are ahead of the other two wild card teams from a season ago, the Browns and Steelers.