NFL Playoff Picture: Playoff Matchups Updated For Week 13

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The NFL playoff picture continues to take shape as we get set for Week 13. According to the latest odds, the four division leaders are overwhelming favorites to reach the postseason on the AFC side. The Eagles and 49ers top the charts on the other side of the bracket in advance of this week’s NFC title game rematch between the two clubs. 

Behind the leaders, competitive races are underway for the remaining spots, while time is starting to run short for the squads with more ground to make up. Each week, we review the current NFL playoff odds and examine what the seeds and matchups would look like if the playoffs started today, based on the latest lines.  

AFC playoff odds in Week 13

The table below has the latest playoff odds for all 16 AFC teams from Caesars Sportsbook, along with the lines for their Week 13 games from various NFL betting sites.

TeamPlayoff OddsImplied Probability*This Week 
Baltimore Ravens-2000094.12%Bye week
Kansas City Chiefs-2000094.12% vs. Packers 
Jacksonville Jaguars-2000094.12% vs. Bengals 
Miami Dolphins-2000094.12% vs. Commanders 
Pittsburgh Steelers-26068.32% vs. Cardinals 
Cleveland Browns-25067.56% vs. Rams 
Houston Texans-11550.60% vs. Broncos 
Indianapolis Colts-10548.45% vs. Titans 
Denver Broncos +15037.84% vs. Texans
Buffalo Bills+45017.20%Bye week
Los Angeles Chargers+80010.51 vs. Patriots 
Cincinnati Bengals+18004.98% vs. Jaguars 
New York Jets+18004.98% vs. Falcons 
Las Vegas Raiders+19004.73%Bye week
Tennessee Titans+19004.73% vs. Colts 
New England Patriots+25003.64% vs. Chargers 

*Our implied probability calculation uses the sportsbook’s odds minus the vigorish charged by that sportsbook. An average online gambling calculator will provide you with the implied probability based on just the betting odds. By going a step further and accounting for the vig, we find a true implied probability in relation to the sportsbook’s odds.

The top four favorites in the AFC have matching odds, so we have to use tiebreakers to determine the seeds. The Ravens have the conference’s best record at 9-3, while the Chiefs hold wins over the Jaguars and Dolphins in their back pocket. Jacksonville and Miami both have 8-3 records, but the former gets the nod on strength of victory. 

The Steelers have edged ahead of the Browns in betting odds to claim the first wild card slot. The teams have matching records of 7-4 and have already split a pair of games. Pittsburgh parted ways with offensive coordinator Matt Canada in advance of last week’s win over the Bengals. Cleveland continues to deal with QB issues in the wake of a loss to the Broncos. 

The Texans fell to 6-5 with a loss to the Jaguars. That leaves them two games behind in the AFC South chase and just ahead of the Colts in odds for the conference’s final seed. Indianapolis is also 6-5 and riding a three-game winning streak. Behind those two clubs, the Broncos have surged up the charts while winning five straight to get to 6-5. 

Next up, we find several teams that were being viewed as postseason contenders in advance of the season. The Bills have stumbled to a 6-6 mark, while the Chargers have dropped three straight to fall to 4-7. Meanwhile, QB injuries have proven to be too much to overcome for the Bengals and Jets

On this week’s schedule, the result of the game between the Texans and Broncos could have a big impact on playoff betting odds for next week. The victor will likely hold down at least the seventh spot on the board, with the potential to jump up even higher if the Steelers or Browns happen to misfire this weekend.   

NFC playoff odds in Week 13

Here are the playoff odds for all 16 NFC teams from Caesars Sportsbook, along with their implied playoff probability and the lines for their Week 13 games.

TeamPlayoff OddsImplied Probability*This Week 
Philadelphia Eagles-2500093.80% vs. 49ers 
San Francisco 49ers-2500093.80% vs. Eagles
Detroit Lions-2000093.71% vs. Saints 
Dallas Cowboys-2000093.71% vs. Seahawks 
Minnesota Vikings-13554.10%Bye week
Atlanta Falcons-13554.10% vs. Jets 
Green Bay Packers-11049.33% vs. Chiefs 
New Orleans Saints-11049.33% vs. Lions 
Seattle Seahawks+11044.85% vs. Cowboys 
Los Angeles Rams+22029.43% vs. Browns 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+30023.54% vs. Panthers 
Chicago Bears+18004.96%Bye week
Washington Commanders+20004.48% vs. Dolphins 
New York Giants+25003.62%Bye week
Arizona Cardinals+25003.62% vs. Steelers 
Carolina Panthers+25003.62% vs. Buccaneers 

*Our implied probability calculation uses the sportsbook’s odds minus the vigorish charged by that sportsbook. An average online gambling calculator will provide you with the implied probability based on just the betting odds. By going a step further and accounting for the vig, we find a true implied probability in relation to the sportsbook’s odds.

The Eagles have the NFL’s best record at 10-1. They’re tied with the 49ers in betting odds to make the playoffs in advance of Sunday’s showdown between the two teams. The Lions are 8-3 following an upset loss to the Packers, but they remain on top of the NFC North standings and in great shape to make it to the dance as far as the odds are concerned. 

The Cowboys are two games behind the Eagles in the NFC East but also an overwhelming favorite to snag the conference’s top wild card spot. The team’s point differential of +162 is the best in the league. The Falcons defeated the Saints last week and are now slightly favored to win the NFC South in the latest division odds.  

The race for the final two seeds continues to heat up. The Vikings hold down the sixth spot in the odds for now, but the team heads to a bye week on a two-game skid, falling to 6-6 as QB questions have emerged once again. The Packers have won two straight to get to 5-6, the same record as the Saints, a team they hold a head-to-head win over. 

The Seahawks have been in good shape for a spot for much of the season as far as the odds go, but the team’s two-game losing streak has led to it falling down the board. Meanwhile, the Rams are beginning to creep up the charts after winning two straight. The Buccaneers aren’t too far behind, but the clock is ticking loudly for the 4-7 club. 

The headline matchup on the NFC side for this week is the 49ers vs. Eagles, with the winner likely emerging as the favorite for the conference’s top seed. Two other games could shake up next week’s board, especially if we see an upset in either: the Lions are favored at the Saints, while the Seahawks are hefty road dogs at the Cowboys.  

Projected Super Bowl 58 matchups for Week 13

As we hit the stretch run of the regular season, betting odds on the winner of Super Bowl 58 continue to move. At most legal online sportsbooks, just six teams have odds of +1000 or less to win the big game.  

Based on the latest odds, potential matchups for Super Bowl 58 include the following: 

The aforementioned Eagles vs. 49ers game is the marquee matchup for the six contenders this week. The Ravens are on a bye, while the Chiefs, Dolphins, and Cowboys are sizable favorites to win their respective games. Behind the top six favorites, we find the Jaguars and Lions , two 8-3 division leaders who certainly have the potential to remain in the hunt.