Odds And Analysis On Every NFL Team’s Chances To Make The Playoffs In 2023-24

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We’re midway through the NFL offseason, and sportsbooks have released NFL playoff odds on each team for the upcoming campaign. Below, we’ll look at the best lines for each NFL team’s hopes of making it to the playoffs in the 2023-24 season.

Some of the favorites will come as no surprise, such as the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs (). But there are also some newcomers to the list, like the Detroit Lions () and New York Jets ().

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Odds to make the NFL playoffs

Best odds available to make the NFL playoffs

The following table shows the best NFL odds to make the playoffs for each team across top legal sportsbooks in the country.

NFL playoff favorites by division

NFC East

It’s not a shock to see the Philadelphia Eagles (), the reigning division champs, as favorites to make the postseason. The continued presence of Jalen Hurts alone makes the team a top pick after going all the way to the Super Bowl last season. Also in the conversation are the Dallas Cowboys (), who qualified as a wild card team last year and won the division the year before. The New York Giants (), who also nabbed a wild card spot last season, are now slight underdogs to make the playoffs, with the Washington Commanders () as the division’s biggest long shot.

AFC East

After winning the division last season, the Buffalo Bills () are the favorites to make the playoffs again. It makes sense, considering how largely unchanged the key pieces of the team are after a successful regular season in 2022-23. Meanwhile, after securing a bit of a surprise Wild Card bid for their first playoff appearance in several years, the Miami Dolphins () are also at negative odds for a return to the playoffs. Sportsbooks also expect the New York Jets () to improve upon their 7-10 finish last season for a potential playoff appearance. After struggling all last season, the New England Patriots () are the division’s biggest underdog.

NFC North

Perhaps the biggest sign that the times may be changing in the NFL, at least in some divisions, is that the Detroit Lions () are suddenly the NFC North’s biggest favorite to make the postseason. Though the Lions haven’t made the playoffs since 2016, they did have a strong second half last season and finished with a winning record for the first time in five years. Elsewhere in the division, oddsmakers are expecting to see most teams spend January at home. The Chicago Bears () and Minnesota Vikings () are both slight underdogs to earn a playoff spot, while the Green Bay Packers () are the division’s long shot.

AFC North

After winning the division the last two years running, the Cincinnati Bengals () are again favorites to make a postseason appearance. Oddsmakers have the Bengals as the AFC North’s biggest favorite, and by a wide margin. The Baltimore Ravens (), who got a wild card spot last season, could also be in the hunt, as could the Cleveland Browns (), who will finally have the services of embattled quarterback Deshaun Watson for a full season. The Pittsburgh Steelers () are long shots after a third-place finish last season.

NFC South

Although the New Orleans Saints () haven’t made the postseason since 2020, oddsmakers seem to think this could be the year that changes. The prognosis for the other teams in the division isn’t so bright, however. In terms of simple winning percentage, this was the weakest division in the NFL last season, with not a single team posting a winning record. The Carolina Panthers () and Atlanta Falcons () are both underdogs to make the playoffs this time. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (), the most recent division winners, are long shots to see the postseason this time around.

AFC South

After winning the division in the final week of last season, the Jacksonville Jaguars () are the AFC South’s favorite to see the playoffs again this year. The team has high hopes for the continued development of young quarterback Trevor Lawrence, especially after Jacksonville overachieved in the postseason last year. The Jaguars could well be the division’s only representative in the playoffs, though, as oddsmakers have the Tennessee Titans () and Indianapolis Colts () as considerable underdogs. The Houston Texans (), who had one of the league’s worst records last season, are once again a playoff long shot.

NFC West

After winning the division the advancing all the way to the NFC title game, the San Francisco 49ers () are once again heavy favorites to make the playoffs. Though offseason quarterback moves are still ongoing in San Francisco, the team had one of the best defenses in the league and a strong core returning this year. Sportsbooks also expect the Seattle Seahawks (), who earned a wild card bid last season, to be in the hunt again. The odds are longer on the Los Angeles Rams (), who have struggled since their Super Bowl win two seasons ago. The Arizona Cardinals (), who finished 4-13 last season, are among the biggest playoff underdogs in the league.

AFC West

The defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs () are again major favorites to see the playoffs. With stars like Patrick Mahomes anchoring the team, the outlook continues to be bright for the Chiefs, who haven’t missed the playoffs since 2014. The Los Angeles Chargers () are also in the conversation after their wild card bid last season. One big change is that sportsbooks expect the Denver Broncos () to be back at least somewhere close to playoff contention. The Las Vegas Raiders (), however, continue to be the division’s big underdog.

How to bet on NFL playoff futures

Of the 32 NFL teams, 14 will make the playoffs each season. That includes the winners of all eight NFL divisions, plus three wild card teams from each conference. Prior to the season, sportsbooks set odds on each team’s chances to make the playoffs. For a bet of this type on any team to be successful, all that’s necessary is that the team ends the regular season as one of the 14 playoff teams. For this bet, it doesn’t matter whether your pick dominates its division or sneaks in with the last wild card spot. Simply making the postseason in any form is enough.

These NFL playoff lines will remain open as the season begins, but the lines will shift as each team’s outlook changes.

Key dates in the 2023 NFL season