Best Available NFL Win Total Odds For Every Team In 2023

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As we count down until the start of the 2023-24 NFL regular season, there’s plenty of time to speculate on how it will all shake out. For a quick snapshot of what to expect, futures odds for each team’s total wins for the upcoming season are available at legal online sportsbooks. 

The Super Bowl 58 betting favorites have projections of double-digit wins, while the clubs at the bottom aren’t as optimistic. In between, there are teams that may rise or fall and others that appear to be on a similar track as last season. Let’s take a look.      

2023-24 NFL win total odds

You can view the latest NFL win total odds for all 32 teams in the table below. If you see a bet that you would like to place, just click the odds to be directed to the sportsbook where you can place the wager.

Highest Win Totals | Lowest Win Totals | Biggest Risers and Fallers | Similar Expectations for 2023

Highest NFL win total lines

At the initial release of odds for each team’s total wins for the upcoming season, just five teams had lines of 10 or more wins. Here are the latest odds for each of them along with the team’s record from last season:  

All five of those clubs made it to at least the divisional round of the playoffs last season. The Bills were the only member of the group to not advance to the conference championships. The Bengals and 49ers came up short in their bids, while the Chiefs outlasted the Eagles in a memorable Super Bowl

Preseason expectations for all five teams are high. The Chiefs are the top betting favorites to win the Super Bowl once again, while the other four clubs round out the top five and are jockeying for position on the odds board.   

Lowest NFL win total lines

At the bottom of the list, there are five squads that have win total lines at 6.5 or lower. 

The Buccaneers were NFC South champions last season, but sportsbooks expect the team to take a step back in the wake of Tom Brady’s retirement. The Commanders were in the wild card hunt a season ago, but lingering questions at QB have tempered expectations. 

The Colts, Cardinals, and Texans have all hired new head coaches over the offseason in the wake of challenging campaigns. The current win total lines are suggesting that another tough season could be on the way for all three teams.  

Other 2023-24 NFL win totals

In between the top and bottom teams, we have the rest of the league, but there is some separation if we dig into this season’s expectations in comparison to how they fared last time out. 

Risers and fallers

For projection purposes, a swing of 2.5 or more wins in either direction between a team’s line for this year and its total last year is significant. Eight clubs fall into that category.  

Sportsbooks see the potential for dramatic improvement for the Bears and Broncos. Chicago closed out last season on a 10-game skid. For Denver, the first year of the Russell Wilson era didn’t go as planned. New head coach Sean Payton may provide a lift. 

On the downside, the Vikings stand out as the most notable faller. The team had a stellar record of 13-4 a season ago and won the NFC North, but it came up short in the wild card round with a loss to the Giants. While its line for total wins points to the possibility of a step back, the latest NFL playoff odds suggest that the club could be in the hunt for a spot.       

Similar expectations 

The remaining 14 clubs have a difference of 1.5 wins or less in either direction for current expectations versus last season’s performance.  

The latest NFL division odds have the Lions and Jaguars as the favorites to win their respective crowns. Sportsbooks also expect the Chargers to be in the postseason mix, while QB questions abound for the Ravens and Packers. 

The Panthers own the top pick in the upcoming NFL draft and have a new head coach at the helm. In short, there’s a valid argument for each of the above squads to take a step forward or backward in the coming season.     

Who sets NFL win total lines?

Oddsmakers at legal online sportsbooks set the numbers for NFL win totals. While you may find a difference of a half-win to a full win from one sportsbook to the next, the numbers for many teams are often in agreement. However, the odds for both over and under each line may be different.

For example, there may be more favorable odds at one sportsbook on a specific club to go over its line in comparison to that sportsbook’s competitors. Meanwhile, another book could have the best odds on a team to go under its line. Our live odds feed can help with line shopping.    

How do you bet on NFL win totals? 

The lines for each team’s total wins for the upcoming season come out early in the offseason. Sportsbooks will set the bar for total wins and attach odds to both of the choices in an over/under format. 

If bettors expect the Chiefs to exceed 11.5 wins, then they would wager on the over. Meanwhile, those who think that the team will come up short would place a wager on the under.