What Are the Most Popular Super Bowl Prop Bets?

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What Are The Most Popular Super Bowl 58 Prop Bets?

For sportsbooks, the week of the Super Bowl is typically a time of frenzied activity. Not only is there betting on the outcome of the game itself, but there are a variety of prop bets — some of which aren’t available during regular season NFL games — which can make Super Bowl betting feel extra special.

But what are the most popular Super Bowl prop bets with sportsbooks so far? Ahead of Sunday’s big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, we reached out to several books for an answer.

Most Popular Super Bowl Props

RankProp MarketOdds
1Coin Toss Result: Tails+100
2Coin Toss Result: Heads+100
3Opening Kickoff To Be A Touchback: No+160
4Each Team To Score 1+ TD and 1+ FG In Each Half+1100
5Over 2.5 Total Players To Have A Pass Attempt+165
6Chiefs As Team To Win Coin Toss+100
7Any QB To Have 1+ Reception TD+2800
8Over 38.5 Total 1st Downs-120
9Any Non-QB To Have 1+ Passing TDs+1800
10Eagles As Team To Win Coin Toss+100
c/o DraftKings Sportsbook

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, one of the most popular bets is also one of the simplest. The opening coin toss odds, offering +100 odds on either heads or tails, is the top prop bet choice for DraftKings bettors so far.

It’s somewhat ironic, since this might be the bet that has the least to do with the actual football game. It’s not even a bet typically available for most NFL games. But betting on a literal flip of the coin turns out to be pretty popular, at least as a Super Bowl novelty, because it actually occupies four total spots on DraftKings’ top 10 list. (“Tails” and “heads” occupy the first and second spots, respectively, at +100 odds each. The Chiefs winning the coin toss is No. 6, and the Eagles winning it is No. 10, both also at +100 odds).

Third on DraftKings’ list was the “no” bet on whether the opening kickoff will result in a touchback (+160). At fifth was “over 2.5 players to have a pass attempt” (+165), and in eighth was the over bet on a total of 38.5 first downs in the game (-120).

The others rounding out the DraftKings top 10, however, tended to be long odds props like “each team to score 1+ touchdown and 1+ field goal in each half” in fourth (+1100), and “any non-quarterback to have 1+ passing touchdowns” at ninth (+1800). The biggest long shot on the list was “any quarterback to have 1+ touchdown reception” at seventh (+2800).

At other sportsbooks, the most popular prop bets so far are slightly more traditional. According to Aaron Oster, the sports marketing manager at Circa Sports, Circa’s top two prop bets headed into Sunday’s game are on which team will score the first touchdown and who will win the Super Bowl MVP award.

According to Mark Hughes, chief product officer at PointsBet, same-game parlays seem to also be popular choices for this year’s Super Bowl.

“That tends to be the type of bet that customers will be looking at pregame,” Hughes said. “Another that’s very popular within same-game parlays, but people also place it as a singles wager, is the anytime touchdown scorer.”

For PointsBet in particular, one popular option during this year’s NFL playoffs is the “lightning bet.” This gives bettors an in-game option to place wagers on things like the result of the current drive or which player will score the next touchdown. According to PointsBet, 33% of all live bets in the NFL postseason have been lightning bets, and the book is expecting that option to continue to be popular during this year’s Super Bowl.

Of course, some bets are only available ahead of the game. That coin flip prop that’s proven to be most popular, at least on DraftKings, is an option that only comes around in the NFL once a year. And at least in the context of the Super Bowl, bettors seem to like their odds of correctly guessing heads or tails.