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If you’re looking for player props in this year’s Super Bowl, one of the many options is Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown, who’s been a significant part of the Eagles’ offense and could be a key piece against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Below, we’ll look at some of the best A.J. Brown prop bets and odds in the upcoming Super Bowl matchup.

A.J. Brown Super Bowl player props

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How to bet on A.J. Brown player props

Offensive players like receivers, running backs and quarterbacks will offer a plethora of prop categories to choose from for a big game like the Super Bowl. Let’s look at some of the major categories available for Brown in this year’s Super Bowl.

AJ Brown receiving yards:

Brown hasn’t posted big yardage numbers in this postseason so far, but that’s at least in part because the Eagles haven’t needed to air it out downfield too much. He’s been slowed somewhat by a hip injury, but the extra week of rest before the Super Bowl could help, and if Jalen Hurts is looking to stretch the field early, it could mean more downfield targets for Brown, who had six straight games with 70 receiving yards or more to end the regular season.

AJ Brown anytime touchdown scorer:

Brown’s gone three straight games without a touchdown, but when he was healthy in the regular season, he was a fixture in the Eagles’ red zone offense.

AJ Brown receptions made:

Brown has just seven catches over two playoff games, but they were also games in which the Eagles jumped out to early leads and didn’t need to take chances downfield. He averaged 5.17 receptions per game during the regular season. When he gets eight or more, he’s almost guaranteed to end up with five or more catches.

AJ Brown longest reception:

During the regular season, Brown almost always had at least one big gain to show for his efforts in every outing. In 11 of 17 games, he had at least one catch for 30 or more yards, and only twice did he finish without a catch of 20 yards or more. The Chiefs’ secondary will give up some sizable passing gains at times. It’s just a question of whether Brown will be on the end of one.

AJ Brown to score a first-half touchdown:

There’s always a chance that even the Super Bowl will end up looking like a typical Eagles playoff game, which is to say they’ll jump out to an early lead and put it on cruise control in the first half. That could mean they’ll be more aggressive with downfield shots in the first half than the second, which could be where Brown becomes more of a factor.

All Super Bowl 57 player props

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