Sportsbooks Offering Numerous Ways To Bet On The Philadelphia Eagles In Super Bowl 57

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NFL Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts

For sports bettors looking for creative ways to put a little money down on the Philadelphia Eagles, the Super Bowl offers a feast of possibilities. Think of almost any category, and there’s likely a sportsbook out there willing to provide odds and a little action.

But while you can bet on almost any aspect of the NFL’s big game, not all these categories are equal. That’s why savvy sports bettors have a few favorites — and a few wild cards — they typically like to choose from. Here’s your guide to the key terms, betting types, and potential returns for an array of possible Super Bowl bets involving the NFC champion Eagles.

Eagles bets for Super Bowl 57

Eagles spread

The point spread refers to a game’s margin of victory. For instance, the Super Bowl spread for the Eagles is -1.5. This means that if you bet this spread, your wager only cashes if the Eagles win by two or more points. (The spread on the Chiefs is +1.5, meaning that bet would cash if the Chiefs win by any amount or if they lose by only one point.)

But the spread can also provide other options. Many bookmakers offer alternate spreads, where you can essentially choose your own point spread at varying odds. If, for instance, you think the Eagles will win by more than a touchdown, you could opt for Eagles -5.5 and get a bigger return on your money if you are correct. You can also bet the point spread by first quarter (), second quarter (), third quarter () or halftime results (), and many sportsbooks offer alternate spreads on those, as well.

Eagles moneyline

A moneyline bet is a straight-up wager on which team will win. The score is irrelevant. All that matters is picking the winning team, and then the odds determine what your payout is. If the moneyline on the Eagles is -125, that means a wager of $125 would stand to win $100 in profit. (Negative odds indicate a favorite. Positive odds indicate the underdog. If moneyline odds on the Chiefs are at, for instance, +105, that means a bet of $100 would net $105 if the Chiefs win.)

Here again, you can often bet the moneyline by first quarter (), second quarter (), third quarter () or halftime scores (), simply choosing the team that will be winning the game at that point.

Eagles total

The total, or over/under, refers to the point total, and unless otherwise specified, it refers to the total sum of points both teams combine to score in the game. For the Super Bowl, most oddsmakers have set the total at 50.5. If you were to bet the over, that would mean you’re betting on both teams’ scores to add up to 51 or more points once the game ends. If you bet the under, you’re betting on both teams’ scores to add up to 50 or fewer.

The odds tend to be at or around -110 on either side, just slightly worse than a one-to-one return on your money. What you’re really asking yourself here is whether you see this being a high-scoring game. With the Eagles, it’s worth noting that they’ve scored more than 30 points in both their playoff games this postseason, but because the defense has only given up 14 points in two games, their totals have yet to go over 50.5 points in these playoffs. Point totals also are available by first quarter (), second quarter (), third quarter () and halftime ().

Eagles parlays

A parlay is when you bet on more than one outcome, with the understanding that the bet itself won’t be successful unless all those outcomes come to fruition. The upside for bettors is that the more wagers you add to a single parlay ticket, the longer (and therefore more potentially profitable) the odds get.

With the Super Bowl, obviously there’s really only this one football game to wager on. But these days, more sportsbooks offer what’s commonly known as same-game parlays (also sometimes called one-game parlays or same-game combos). This is where you group together two or more wagers for the same game.

For instance, if you think Jalen Hurts is going to have a huge day on offense, resulting in the Eagles running up the score, you could bet on Hurts as an anytime touchdown scorer () and also parlay that bet with the over on the point total. If you think the Eagles’ running game will be the deciding factor, you could parlay a bet that takes the over on Miles Sanders’ total rushing yards () with a moneyline bet on the Eagles to win. These types of bets offer a higher potential return, but also include greater risk since they rely on the bettor being right about more than one outcome within the same game.

Eagles player props

A prop bet (short for “proposition”) allows you to bet on specific occurrences within a game. Tying this to a specific player allows you to wager on how that one person will perform (or not perform) separate from the rest of the team or the outcome of the game itself.

For instance, you might bet on how many passes Hurts will complete () or on how many passes he’ll attempt (). You can do the same with other offensive players, like wagering on the over/under on Boston Scott’s rushing yards ( or A.J. Brown’s longest catch (.

Eagles team props

Team props allow you to bet on how a given team will perform in a specific category. For instance, if you’re expecting a big day for the Eagles’ running game, you might bet Philadelphia will get over 1.5 rushing touchdowns. Or, if you’re expecting a dominating performance from start to finish, you could bet on the Eagles to be leading at the end of both the first and second halves of the game.

There are a lot of options here — total team touchdowns, field goals, fourth-down conversions, etc. — and betting on the team to hit those marks can sometimes be safer than betting on just one player, who could be one bad injury (or simply one bad day) away from being a non-factor.

Eagles game props

Game props allow you to bet on specific occurrences within the game but without necessarily tying those occurrences to just one team. For instance, you could bet on either team hitting 30 or more points in the game. You could also bet on what the largest lead of the game will be or whether there will be a two-point conversion in the game.

The possible categories are almost limitless, but many allow you to pick an outcome that you think one team might manage to hit, but be covered in the event of the other team hitting it.

Novelty props

Always a popular choice for the Super Bowl, novelty props offer odds about aspects of the big game that may have little or nothing to do with actual football.

For instance, you can bet on whether the opening coin toss will come up heads or tails. Some books also offer wagers related to the length of the national anthem. And some books will offer odds on what color Gatorade the winning team will dump on its coach. Typically, sportsbooks don’t accept huge bets on these categories, but they are consistently popular and offer something for those who want to get in on the fun but don’t know (or care) much about football.

Best Eagles Super Bowl betting sites

In many states where online sports betting is legal, there are multiple sportsbooks to choose from, and many will be offering sign-up bonuses and promos for new users who create accounts ahead of the Super Bowl. Some of the most popular sites include DraftKings (currently offering up to $1,250 in bonuses to new users), FanDuel (offering a “no sweat first bet” for up to $3,000) and BetMGM (first bet covered if it loses for up to $1,000 with the code PLAY1000). You can find more information on the various sportsbooks and their promos here.

In order to sign up, follow one of the links to the sportsbook’s homepage and click the appropriate buttons to sign up for an account. You’ll need to fill out some personal information, and you may have to enable geolocation to confirm your location and eligibility. Then choose a deposit method and add money to your account.

Note that some sportsbooks have bonuses that only apply to your initial deposit or wager, and the bonuses generally are available in the form of site credit, not cash that you can just withdraw. Bonuses typically expire if you don’t use them within a certain time period, so be sure to read the terms and conditions.