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FantasyDraft is a relative newcomer to the daily fantasy sports space, having only officially launched in December 2014. Since, the self-proclaimed “Players First” operator has climbed just enough to land a spot in the industry’s second-tier.


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FantasyDraft software

FantasyDraft has adapted a minimalist approach to its interface. The contest lobby possesses little in the way of aesthetic appeal or added features, instead functioning almost exclusively as an area for players to choose their contest and picks.

What few frills do exist include a variety of contest filters, team depth charts and importing/exporting options.

As far as available platforms, there are a couple:

  • Browser-based client: FantasyDraft is accessible via most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer), including Safari for Mac.
  • Mobile: Although FantasyDraft has yet to release a dedicated iOS/Android application, the site has been fully optimized for tablet and smartphone devices. If anything, entering contests and choosing lineups on mobile is about as streamlined a process as it is from the desktop client — a rarity for daily fantasy apps.

Games available

Those familiar with daily fantasy sports game types will feel right at home on FantasyDraft, as the site offers most of the tried-and-true formats available on DFS front runners DraftKings and FanDuel.

  • Guaranteed: Compared to most other operators, FantasyDraft pays out a significantly higher percentage (25% at minimum) of its guaranteed tournament entrants.  The downside to this is that the individual payout amounts tend toward the low side, with min cashes usually resulting in players receiving just about 1.5 times their initial entry fee.
  • Leagues: Leagues are not so much a unique format, but a catch-all for every contest that features more than two entrants.
  • 50/50s: This popular and simplistic format awards the top 50 percent of the field, all of whom win just under double their money. Their windfall comes at the expense of the lower 50%, who lose their buy-in.
  • Head-to-head: As the name implies, this format pits two players against each other in a winner-take-all showdown.
  • Qualifiers: Designed for players on a budget, qualifiers allow participants to win their way into bigger events, all for an entry fee that is typically much lower than that of the main contest.

Also of note, FantasyDraft enables users to create their own contests. The process is relatively straightforward, only requiring that users select a sport, slate, contest type and entry fee/prize pool.

FantasyDraft offers contests across the following sports, season depending:

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • PGA

Registration process

At present, the registration process at FantasyDraft is about as easy as it gets. All that’s required is a valid email address, username, password and country/state along with the obligatory check box that asks if a player is over the age of 18.

As more and more sites institute more rigid identification verification checks, including the dreaded Social Security number, I wouldn’t be shocked to see FantasyDraft tighten up its process as well.

Cashiering on FantasyDraft

Again, FantasyDraft’s depositing options are mostly in line with what’s found on other sites. The preferred method is the universal staple of the industry, PayPal.

In addition, the site accepts payment via credit or debit card, the only catch being that players must complete their transaction by way of the PayPal client.

The upside to this is that PayPal accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Not to mention, PayPal is largely recognized as the most trusted payment processor on the planet.

On the minus side, depositing via this method entails a few extra clicks, which may deter the impatient fan.

Moving to withdrawals, there are two methods available:

  • PayPal: Processed within two business days.
  • Check: Generally takes somewhere between 7-10 days to receive.

A couple of stipulations regarding withdrawals:

  • The minimum withdrawal amount is set at $20.
  • Withdrawal requests require that players input their date of birth. Other information, including full name and address, will auto-populate when players enter in their PayPal account email.
  • All withdrawal requests are subject to review by FantasyDraft’s fraud team.

FantasyDraft’s deposit bonus

First time depositing players are entitled to a 100% match bonus up to $600. The bonus releases at a rate of $.04 per every $1 paid to play in real-money contest.

Compared to other bonuses, the $600 cap ranks rather high, while the release rate is about par for the course.

As part of its growth strategy, FantasyDraft has also rolled out a referral program. FantasyDraft’s “6 Degrees of Pay,” is at its core, a traditional program that pays a portion of the referred party’s contest fees back to the user who referred the party.

Where the program differentiates itself from the pack is that it not only pays for direct referrals, but referrals of referrals, up to five times removed. In addition, the more removed from the original player, the higher the commission rate the referral locks in, up to 30%

Where is FantasyDraft legal?

There are a handful of U.S. states where fantasy sports is either not considered a game of skill or where the law regarding fantasy sports resides in a murky grey area. In these states, FantasyDraft has chosen not to participate. They include Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Washington state.

FantasyDraft is also available to residents of Canada.

FantasyDraft company background

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, FantasyDraft was first conceived in April 2014. The company is headed up by a team of e-commerce executives including co-founder and CEO Grant Yoder, and COO and co-founder Stephen Krombolz.

Backed by ACN Chairman and co-founder Robert Stevanovski and private equity firm The Jordan Company, FantasyDraft launched a beta version of its platform during the NFL season. In the interim between beta and launch, the operator secured a variety of high profile athlete endorsers including Jordy Nelson, Drew Brees and analysts Jimmy Johnson and Boomer Esiason.

The site officially offered its first real-money contest on December 7, 2014, awarding more than $400,000 in winnings. An NBA beta would soon follow.

FantasyDraft primed for Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season by hosting its most aggressive guarantees yet – over $450,000 in total, including a single tournament featuring a $250,000 prize pool.

What is FantasyDraft’s approach to daily fantasy sports?

FantasyDraft markets itself as a site with the casual player in mind. In order to substantiate this claim the site has rolled out a variety of new player-friendly features, including a multi-entry cap, a favorable rake structure and payouts that spread the wealth among a larger than average percentage of players.

At least for now, the operator is clearly valuing growth over profit, evidenced by its generous player referral program and rather aggressive deposit bonus.

Otherwise, FantasyDraft plays it pretty traditionally, securing financial investments and pro endorsements in much the same matter as its competitors.

Robert DellaFave - Robert DellaFave is a game designer and avid poker player. He writes for several online poker publications and dreams of one day programming a poker simulation clever enough to beat the pros. Read more by following @DivergentGames on Twitter.